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Simply Nutritious



Eating for mental health does not need to be complicated or difficult. During the summer I do a lot of grilling outside. Here I just rubbed a little bit of olive oil on a piece of salmon and placed it on top of a couple of sprigs of dill I snagged out of the garden. I piled some more dill on top then put the pan on a hot grill and cooked the fish for about 2-3 minutes on each side. The blackened, crispy dill adds a wonderful flavor to the fish. If you don’t have fresh dill, you can just sprinkle both sides with dried dill and it will work just as well.



Add some steamed greens and brown rice and you have a very mental-healthy meal! I always add about a teaspoon of flax seed oil to my cooked greens, after they are on the plate, for the omega-3’s. A dash of organic tamari sauce on the rice makes for a super simple, flavorful meal.


In fact, this meal provides at least half of the protein you need for an entire day, four times the vitamin A, nearly 100% of vitamin B12 and selenium, a healthy dose of vitamin D and a whopping 4000 mg of omega-3’s – well over the recommended therapeutic dose of 1000-3000 mg per day!

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